Website Accessibility

Picture of UserWay Accessibility Icon

We’ve added the User Way Web Accessibility plugin for your convenience. This plugin adds a variety of accessibility features that can help you use our website. You can access it at any time by hovering over the icon of a person inside of a blue circle located at the top right corner of your screen. 

If you would like to hide the User Way icon simply hover over the icon and then click the text that says “hide”. This will change it into a small quarter of a circle, still located at the top right of your screen. To unhide it simply hover over the quarter-circle and click the text that says “unhide”.


The contrast settings can be used to change the text and background colors on our website to increase visibility and readability.

Highlight Links

The highlight links feature will change the font color and background color of links to make it more obvious which thigs are clickable on our website.

Bigger Text

You can increase the size of all text on our website with the bigger text feature. 

Text Spacing

The text spacing feature allows you to increase the spacing between letters and words making them easier to read.

Pause Animations

The pause animations feature can be used to stop CSS animations on our website. 

Dyslexia Friendly

The dyslexia friendly feature will change the fonts used on our site to make text easier to read for those with dyslexia.


The cursor tools can make your mouse cursor larger, add a  reading mask, or add a reading guide.


The tooltips feature will add tool tips onto images & other elements on our website, helping you to understand what the purpose of those images or elements is.