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Monitor Your Health

Health Monitoring

desert flowerTo stay well as you age, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your health and make sure to report any changes in your health to your healthcare provider.

You can get help monitoring and managing your health from a Community Health Representative (CHR). CHRs are well-trained Tribal or community-based healthcare providers who may offer preventative services, home healthcare, transportation, translation, community assessments, healthcare education, nutrition education, case management, mental health assessment, immunizations, and health screenings. You can often see the CHR for a quick check-up or to ask questions at your local Senior Center. To contact a CHR, call your local IHS or Tribal clinic. Visit the IHS Find Health Care page to locate the nearest one. 

The Navajo Department of Health offers a list of CHR Service Units for their New Mexico and Arizona offices. Visit their CHR Program page for further details and contact information.

You can monitor your health, note any symptoms, and keep track of your medications at home using a health diary. Click the button below to download a free sample diary. You can bring your health diary with you every time you see a healthcare provider.

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