Spring - Cultivating Wellness​ (icon)

Social & Cultural Life

Staying Active

To stay well as you age, it’s very helpful to be social and active in your community.

Your local Senior Center provides opportunities for you to socialize with other seniors by doing activities, playing games, having meals together, volunteering in your community, going on trips, and taking classes. Many Senior Centers offer transportation services if you need help getting there. If you need help finding the closest center, visit the New Mexico Aging and Long-term Services Department (ALTSD) Senior Services page to download a directory of all Tribal senior centers in the state, or call them at (800) 432-2080.

Your Tribal community offers many traditional and community activities that you can take part in. Contact your local Senior Center or Tribal government to find out if your community has a social calendar.

Group of seniors exercising in the park

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