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Nutrition & Exercise


Good nutrition is extremely important to help you stay healthy and feel well, especially if you have a nutrition-related illness like diabetes.

To learn how to eat healthier, consider making an appointment with a nutritionist at your local Indian Health Service (IHS) or Tribal clinic. Visit the IHS Find Health Care page to locate the nearest one. 

You can also get help with nutrition from a Community Health Representative (CHR). CHRs are often available at your local Senior Center or you can call your local IHS or Tribal clinic to find one.

You can get healthy and nutritious meals delivered to your home or served in a group setting at your local Senior Center. If you need help finding the closest center, visit the New Mexico Aging and Long-term Services Department (ALTSD) Senior Services page to download a directory of all Tribal senior centers in the state, or call them at (800) 432-2080.

See the Indian Health Service (IHS) Navajo Area website for information on nutrition services.

If you are enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare, you may be eligible to receive nutrition therapy services to help you manage diabetes or kidney disease. Talk to your healthcare provider about referring you for these services.

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Stay Active

It is also important to stay as physically active as you can. Talk to your healthcare provider about the types of exercise that would be best for you.

Some private health insurance plans and Medicare Advantage Plans offer special gym memberships or fitness programs, like Silver Sneakers. To find out if these are covered by your health insurance plan, call the number on the back of your health insurance card or consult your health insurance provider’s website or the Member Handbook.

You may have access to exercise equipment and exercise training at a Tribal wellness center. You can find a partial list of wellness centers below or call your local Tribal government or IHS or Tribal clinic to find out more.

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